Life After Smoking

Life After Smoking

Is your naughty habit smoking?   Are the ash and little white stick controlling your day-to-day existence?   Have you tried to kiss the nicotine goodbye?   To give up successfully, you seriously need to want to end your affair with cigarettes. There is life after smoking and you will enjoy it so much more!

Every organ in your body will suffer from the effects of inhaling the poisonous toxins every cigarette holds inside. It is not easy to quit smoking but it is achievable.

Commonly known toxins contained in each cigarette!
  • Benzene, found in pesticides and gasoline.
  • Formaldehyde, this chemical used to preserve dead bodies.
  • Vinyl Chloride, a man-made chemical used to make plastics, this is found in cigarette filters.
  • Arsenic, a poison used in pest control; especially for rat infestation.
  • Carbon Monoxide found inside the vehicle exhaust.
  • Nicotine, a chemical used in pesticides.
  • Ammonia, used in fertilisers and cleaning products.
Smoking Cessation Helpers

There are many items on the market these days that can help those initial cravings to light up. A few examples are chewing gum, patches, mouth sprays and prescribed tablets from your doctor. There is also the electronic cigarette which imitates the real thing and many smokers have been able to give up successfully with this device.

Diseases Caused by Smoking

Smoking can encourage many diseases to develop.   The one most associated with smoking is cancer, but others include, heart disease, strokes, emphysema, and bronchitis.

The carbon monoxide and nicotine in every single cigarette smoked will increase the heart rate, and cause the blood pressure to rise, putting a strain on blood vessels and the heart. This is what causes strokes and heart attacks. Carbon monoxide deprives the brain, tissue and muscles in the body of oxygen. The body then has to work harder to overcome this. Eventually, the airways will become swollen and less air will enter the lungs.

Change The Normal Routine

Changing the normal routine you had when you smoked will help.  If you went downstairs first thing in the morning for a cup of tea or coffee and a cigarette, change the habit and take a shower first.  By the time you have finished the urge to light up will have diminished. Altering your routine completely will help the process of giving up, because you won’t associate a certain habit with smoking, such as that cigarette after a meal.

Do the Sums

No one is denying it is hard to give up smoking, but you can do it!   Give yourself a treat when you have saved the money.  Let’s do the sums.  Five pounds per day spent on cigarettes equals £35 per week = £140 per month = £1,680 a year. What could you treat yourself or your family to with that?  There are many positive points to giving the cigarettes the red card!

The Choice is Yours

At this time there is a choice to give up or not give up. It will be a different story in the future if that choice has gone because you have developed a smoke related cancer or disease.  That’s the reality check because it could happen to you.

Give up, because there is life after smoking!

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