Mind and Body

mind and body

To be able to enjoy life to the full, make sure mind and body are in tune especially as the mature years approach.

Healthy eating and nutrition for the elderly are important for their well-being and ability to carry on enjoying life. During the mature years of life, the body will lose bone and muscle and gain fat, when the hormones begin to slow down. There are many dietary factors which need considering.  The information below is a guide to the basic requirements needed to encourage a healthy lifestyle and keep the body mobile and strong.

Fluid Intake

Water in the body decreases with age, dehydration could easily take root. Increasing liquid intake will counter react this. Drinking water will replenish the system and supply an energy boost. Fluid intake is very important to support a healthy body


A protein is an essential part of the diet. It supports a healthy immune system and prevents muscle waste. Since energy levels reduce as we age, it is advisable to make sure there is enough protein in the diet. Foods like eggs, milk, cheese, yoghurt, soybeans, lean meats, poultry, and fish, all contain protein.   Eat meats and cheese that contain high-fat content in sensible portions.


Carbohydrates are the main source of energy. You can find carbs in bread, cereals, pasta, and in fruits like apples, blackberries, grapefruit and lemons, these types of fruits are healthy carbohydrates. Other healthy carbs include whole-grain products such as brown rice, whole-grain pasta, beans, whole wheat bread, whole oats, buckwheat, millet, whole rye, whole-grain barley and whole-grain corn.

Some unhealthy carbs are white bread, white pasta and table sugar. Refined foods, such as bagels, pastries, cereals, crisps and potato fries.


Reduce fat intake for the elderly.   You can limit fat by choosing lean meats, plain fish, and keeping dairy products to a minimum. Cooking methods can help such as grilling a much healthier option, because any fatty foods such as meats, bacon, sausages etc., will drip their natural fats into the pan. Using olive oil sparingly or spray types that lightly coat roast potatoes and vegetables, will help to reduce fat intake. There are pan linings available that can roast fat-free, these are cheap to buy and some are reusable.


Joining an exercise group or buying a video to use at home will keep the muscles supple, and bones strong. Tai Chi is a very popular form of gentle exercise with a difference. There are video’s you can buy for beginners or consider joining a group. There are a variety of exercise classes for over 60’s and it’s a good way to meet new people.

Staying Sociable – Mind and Body

Remaining active in senior years is vital for mind and body.   Taking up a hobby is an excellent way to keep active, and continue to stay sociable. Staying at home, and very rarely venturing outdoors especially if living alone is not healthy for the mind nor body because this could lead to depression setting in.  If fit enough, having a small dog to look after will be company and man’s best friend needs taking for a walk!

mind and body


Enjoy the mature years, stay healthy and keep the mind and body in tune!

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