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Aloe Vera the Wonder Plant!

aloe veraThe health benefits of aloe vera have been around for thousands of years. There are many species of aloe vera but it is the Aloe Barbadensis Miller type used for medicinal and beauty purposes. Aloe vera has become a popular household commodity, and many items including health, beauty, cleaning and animal products contain some percentage of aloe vera.

Although it resembles a cactus plant, it is actually part of the lily family. The aloe vera plant grows in dry, warm climates. It keeps moist by opening and closing the pores to hold in moisture, where other plants dry out and die in these type of environments.

Records confirm that Roman, Greek, and Egyptian physicians, Indian and Chinese cultures from 4,000 years ago, used the aloe vera plant successfully for healing and therapeutic purposes.  The plant’s health benefits were first recorded in an Egyptian Papyrus dated 1550, discovered in 1862 by George Ebers, a German Egyptologist.

Alexander the Great conquered the island of Socotra (Indian Ocean) so that he could secure enough supplies of aloe vera to treat his wounded soldiers. Egyptian queens used the plant for beauty purposes, including Cleopatra.

The plant’s structure has three important components. The protective outer layer is the rind. The plant is protected from animals by the bitter sap fluid. The inner part of the leaf has the gel which is used to make the products.

What Is Stabilized Aloe Vera

Stabilized, means that the plant remains in its original state (no air has been able to penetrate) causing a loss of potency.  The plant leaf creates a seal from the incision point, so that water is not lost, and purity remains intact for manufacture.

Nick Names 
Aloe vera has been given many names over the years:

Wand of Heaven
Single Bible
Plant of Life
Heaven’s Blessing
Potted Physician
First Aid Plant
Healing Plant
Wonder Plant
Burn Plant
Medicine Plant
Silent Healer
Dietary Plant

Other Benefits
There are three important health qualities contained within the plant:

  • Micro Nutrients – which aid tissues that die and renew.
  • Kills Bacteria, viruses, and unhealthy yeasts.
  • It reduces inflammation.

Aloe vera, the amazing plant taking care of our health and beauty around the globe!

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